Summary Profile of Organization

Summary Profile of Organization

1. Organization Name: Neighbour Organization (NEO) Nepal

(Permanent Observer Status-United Nations Conference System)

2. Address: Simkot-4, Humla district, Nepal, 



Web page:
4. Year of registration and operation: 2055/06/27 (October 1998)
5. SWC Affiliate Number: 7909/055/056
6. PAN No: 301656090
7. Contact Person: Name: Mr. Padam B. Hamal

Designation: Executive Chair

8. NEO-Nepal under the Departments:

a) Forestry and Climate Change
b) Technical and Planning
c) Human Resources and Program Development
d) Administration and Finance  
e) Monitoring Evaluation and Operation

h) Labour Migration

9. Funding Agencies

At Present

  • Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Fund Development Board (RWSSFDB)/World Bank.
  • Decentralized Rural Infrastructure and Livelihood Improvement Project (DRILP)/Asian Development Bank
  • Community Action for nutrition (Golden 1000 day)
  • Local Governance and community development program

At past

Community based Water Supply and Sanitation Project (CBSSP)/Asian Development Bank (Recently finished)

G/N, Ministry of Agriculture and cooperatives            
G/N, Ministry of Environment

10. Amount in US $/Year: Turnover Budget US$ 1, 00,000.00 (1998-2007)
11. Amount in US $/Year: Approx. Budget US$ 2, 50,000.00 (2007-20010)

12. Amount in US $/Year: Approx. Budget US$ 50,000.00 (2011-20012)

13. Nature of Program:
           a. Herbs processing, production, cycling 
           b. Rural Water supply and Sanitation
           c. Social Empowerment & Awareness building program
           d. Adult education and River Training program
           e. Organizational development and Toilet Construction
             f. Gender & Social exclusive Program
           g. Ecosystem Management and survey of community  forest
           h. Social Mobilization through Conflict Resolution 
           i. Community water Supply & sanitation group mobilization
           j. Biodiversity Conservation

k. Labour Migration Initiative

14. Programme Areas:
Humla, Mugu, Jajarkot, Dailekh, Salyan, Rukum, Pyuthan, Gulmi, Dolpa and Dang Districts 

15. Banker: 
a) Rastriya Banijya Bank Humla
b) Bank of Kathmandu

16. Total Employee: Forty Nine (11 Nos. at Central Office and 38 Nos. at Field Office)